Friday, 21 March 2014

March 21, 2014 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer

   In a recent conversation, a friend commented: “Oh, to be a cat.”

   I questioned why he said that.  Was it their 9 lives? How they always land on their feet? Or was it how they lie around in the sunshine all day?

   While we humans don’t have the fabled nine lives of cats, we do have many more opportunities and chances in life than we tend to think we have.  Very little of the vast majority of our daily lives is really do-or-die important. 

   How would you approach tasks, opportunities, and even relationships if you knew that you didn't have to have it totally perfect on the first try?  If you knew that mistakes and growth were allowed because you had more chances down the road?

   Suddenly failure would no longer be an issue, or a fear holding you back.  How can you fail if you get a second, third, or even ninth, chance to do something better than you did it before?

   It is really quite amazing how cats can land on their feet, no matter how high a distance they fall.

   While it would be nice to have that ability when we physically fall, we do have the ability to land on our feet no matter what life throws at us.

   If you doubt that, look back at various situations and hardships in your past.  Since you are obviously still here and reading this, it’s pretty safe to say you “landed on your feet” and made it through the challenge to the other side.

   And who wouldn’t want to spend the day curled up in the sunshine napping as cats are prone to do? 

   Lest you get the wrong idea, cats aren’t lazy, rather, they know how to  completely relax.  They can spring to life and pounce as needed, but when that type of activity isn’t needed, they release all tension and rest.  Even if you wake them, they don’t get bent out of shape, but let it go and return to their snooze.

   A good lesson for us all during these spring days.  Take some time to let go of the cares of your day and just bask in the warmth of the sunshine.

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