Friday, 2 May 2014

May 2, 2014 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings

   Mother’s Day is coming soon.  While our mothers bring us physically into this world, each and everyone of us is then responsible for birthing ourselves – through our personalities, choices, contributions, and how we respond to what goes on inside and outside of us - throughout our lives.

   Thus, it ultimately doesn't matter how dysfunctional your family may have been, and we all know some families can be really dysfunctional, you are your most important and loving parent.

   Unlike fallible parents - who are doing the best they can from where they are in their particular life journeys - you are your very own constant and true companion. While alive, you can never abandon yourself physically nor emotionally, so it is impossible to let yourself down.

   What we think comes to us from others in our lives - our parents, family members, teachers, clergy, coaches, and friends - really comes from deep inside our own hearts.

   You are the only one who sees, and lives, the world from behind your eyes, and from the perspective of your heart, and thus you are the only one who knows you, and what you really need, best.

   We are the only ones who can, and do, provide ourselves with self-esteem. We believe we are capable of accomplishing all of our dreams and the prodding to go for it, to stretch and grow, comes from within. Our best and most honest encouragement really comes from ourselves, no one else.  And if you want to experience true unconditional love, just look inside your heart.

   Now, if you don't happen to feel or believe any of the above, it may be because the voices of others are drowning out your heart’s voice.  If the people in our lives are not be listening to their hearts when they interact with us, they will tend to do more harm than good.

   I’m not saying we don’t need other people, because we do.  The various people we associate with are not only mirrors that reflect back our beliefs to us, but they are an excellent avenue to remind us of our heart’s truths that we may have temporarily forgotten.

   You can be assured you always have someone who loves you, who is in your corner, no matter what happens in life...yourself!


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