Friday, 5 December 2014

December 5, 2014 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings

   When a big change occurs in your life it forces you to change direction. Sometimes the new path may not be easy, but you can be absolutely certain that there is magnificence for you on the new path…the new path contains things that you could not have experienced otherwise. – Rhonda Bryne

   For me, the past few months (and last couple of years) have certainly been a time of big change, with changes across the board in terms of my career path and volunteer activities, daily and weekly routines, habits and foods eaten, hobbies and interests, sleep patterns and activity levels, as well as emotional and mental upheaval too.  Practically every area of my life has experienced total and dramatic change. 

   Many of the changes involved eliminating or cutting out something.  A few introduced new things to my life.

   As a result of those many (and seemingly endless!) changes, I am healthier than I was, and despite still having a ways to go, in some respects, I’m healthier than I have ever been in my life.

   Every once in a while someone will ask me when I will reintroduce something I’ve cut out.

   Short answer: never!

   The reason I have been able to turn my health situation around is because I made the choice to change what needed to be changed.  Why would I throw it all away now and head back down the path to illness?

   For example, that means I still have to be careful what I eat and avoid pretty much all veggies and dairy products.  Now that I have a better idea what my body can handle and what it can’t, it is easier to make the right choices and know where I can take food risks and where I can’t.

   Also, I am not a Type A personality at all.  I joked to someone once that the only thing 9-5 about me is the time I spend in bed sleeping at night.  I work best, and feel best, when I have lots of flexibility and space in my schedule.  Being at a desk and required times creates a lot of stress and strain in my body.  Thus, returning to library work is not an option at this time.  Thankfully, the paper is a better fit, and allows me to continue to grow and explore my new reality.


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