Friday, 6 November 2015

November 6, 2015 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings
    Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. - Jordan Bach

   I do not participate in protests, nor do I tend to sign petitions, and I avoid boycotts if at all possible.  I also do not sympathize with those involved in strikes.

   The reason is that those methods of showing displeasure and demanding change rarely bring about the desired change.  This is true even if the point is only to raise public awareness.  It may grab people’s attention for a moment, but then their own concerns occupy their thoughts.

   Another reason, is that these methods of protest generally put the emphasize and focus on the opposite of what they want, then the results end up being the opposite of what they want, and then they can’t figure out why.

   Anti-drug campaigns, anti-war campaigns and others put the focus on drugs, war and whatever else they are fighting, and not in an educational awareness way.

   Truthfully, education and awareness are not lacking for most of these issues.  In fact, we are overloaded with information and statistics to the point it becomes just background noise.

   Even the all to common “Don’t Drink And Drive” campaigns don’t work.  Everyone knows that drinking and driving is wrong and that it endangers lives, yet it still happens every day, and lives are still lost.

   Maybe if they changed the slogan to something such as “Have Fun And Arrive Home Safe” they would see the results that they desire.

   Or are you trying to lose weight?  A more positive approach would be to focus your efforts on gaining health which is a more wholistic approach than just losing some pounds.

   Our memories are short and for a campaign to be successful, repetition is necessary.  Yet, what is being repeated should be what is wanted.

   Granted, sometimes it is easier to figure out what you don't want - we seem to be wired to notice the negative more than the positive - but once you figure it out, shift the focus to the positive and watch your results change.


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