Friday, 5 February 2016

February 5, 2016 Chautauuqua

Beth's Ponderings
    Once, many long years ago a particular task was completed in two simple steps.  It didn’t matter if one just learnt how to do the particular task, or if one had mastered it decades before, the process was the same - just two simple steps.

   And that was the way it was done for years and years.  Everyone knew what was expected of them, and what the final result should be.  And everyone was able to complete the task and still have time for fun.

   Then, a certain individual decided to take that particular task and turn it into a complex procedure involving ten time-consuming steps.  

   Now, you would think that the certain individual would have been laughed out of town for daring to complicate the simplicity of particular task, but, alas, you’d be wrong.

   Instead, the certain individual was praised as others considered the implications of turning the particular task into a complex procedure.  For instance, one could charge a LOT more for the final product as the ten time-consuming steps increased the difficulty, or one could demand a higher paycheque for completing the complex procedure as it took considerably more hours than the two-step simple task. 
   So it was mandated that the particular task would ONLY be completed as a complex procedure from henceforth.  In a very short time frame, the ten-steps became firmly entrenched in society, as traditionalist secretly continued to complete the particular task in two simple steps.

   After a while, people started grumbling about how time-consuming the ten steps really were.  An efficiency expert and time-management coach were brought in to assess how the people were really completing the ten time-consuming tasks.  After much consultation, and discussion, the expert and coach were able to streamline the complex procedure down to a steps!  And the people rejoiced.

   Meanwhile, the traditionalists, after shaking their heads at the folly of humans, decided to launch a revival of the particular task with its two simple steps.  And the people thought it was something brand new.

   We can complicate or simplify our lives.  Which do you choose?


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