Friday, 5 August 2016

August 5, 2016 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings

   There is no doubt that there are a lot of wrongs in our world.  Bad things happen each and every day - some minor, some devastating.  It is not only heart wrenching, but it can even destroy a person’s sanity and will to live.

   Yet, despite being bombarded throughout the day with the latest disaster or bad news story, there is an overwhelming amount of good in our world.    In fact, there is much more good than the bad.  I know it can be hard to believe, but that’s because we are being constantly fed the bad, making it easy to overlook the good.

   And if you really don’t believe me, consider that there wouldn’t even be a human left alive on this planet if there wasn’t a wealth of good things happening around the world all the time.

  Every day, innocent babies, full of unconditional love and joy, draw their first breaths.  Every day, countless people are thrilled to open their eyes to a brand new morning.  Every day, someone somewhere overcomes the odds to walk again, or talk again, or heal from an illness.  Every day, people are helping others and sharing what they have.  Every day, unlimited smiles and hugs are being shared around the world.  Every day, the sun shines and there is air to breathe.  

   Every single day of our lives 99% of what we do, and what happens around us, is good and works out.  So much so, that we take for granted that it will.  So  why let the 1 or 2 things that didn’t go as you think they should control your life?  Why live in constant fear of something happening?  Oh, did you know that people tend to fear and feel threatened by good things happening more than disasters...why?

   Instead of seeing the glass half empty, see it as full and overflowing.

   Anyone who has ever washed a dirty glass knows that to remove the dirt you have to add more clean water.  Even if you don’t empty out the dirt first, just by adding more clean water and letting it overflow the glass will eventually be clean and filled with clear water.

      Yes, there is bad in our world, but there is an awful lot of good too.  Help those in need, but don’t dwell on what is going wrong in the world.  Instead add more good till it overflows around you.


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