Friday, 2 February 2018

February 2, 2018 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings

   We are now a whole month into the new year.  How’s it going for you so far?  Better than last year?  Worse?  The same old, same old grind?

   We, humans, have this idea that every once in a while we need to make a big grand sweeping change in our lives.  We decide that the only way things will be different is if we do some big overhaul.

   But...we, humans, also resist change at every turn, especially big changes that challenge our comfort zones and all that we hold familiar.  All to soon, after some attempt to massively change every aspect and corner of our being, we tend to revert back to the way we were before the change, and we become even more rigidly attached to that familiar state. 

   Until the next time we read, view, or hear something that inspires us to completely transform our lives.

   Repeat...year after year after year…

   Now, I’m not saying that change is bad, or that we all don’t have a habit or two (or more) that we want to change, or that our lives can’t do with some tweaking from time to time, but the way to bring about that change isn’t with an all-or-nothing, all-out approach.

   Rather, the most lasting, and meaningful, changes start with teeny tiny baby steps.  Steps that are so small that they seem almost ridiculous and pointless.

   And, yes, they do seem ridiculous, which is exactly why they work. 

   It is very easy for us to feel overwhelmed and give up, usually at the worst possible time, but at the same time is very easy for us to fool ourselves when we don’t think we are putting out much effort. 

   And doing one teeny tiny baby step forward often leads to larger steps as we realize how easy the baby step was, and momentum builds.

   “You don't take the baby steps for the distance they cover, but to put yourself in reach of life's don't hoist your sails on the sailboat to move the boat, but to catch the wind that will move the boat.” - Mike Dooley


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