Friday, 4 April 2014

April 4, 2014 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer

   Spring, a very tempestuous time of year as the seasons change, and   traditionally a time of cleaning and sorting - getting rid of the old and stale to make room for the new and fresh.

   To accomplish this, many people create a to-do list, or at the very least, add their spring cleaning items to their ongoing to-do list.

   I’ve mentioned before how I personally have difficulty with to-dos lists.  Not because I have nothing to do, but because the process of listing the items just doesn’t work for me.

   The other day, I read of a slightly different approach to the whole concept of the to-do list.

   Instead of listing the items, colour-coding them, prioritizing them, crossing off what is done before transferring the unfinished items to a new list, or whatever your preferred process is, you schedule the items into your calendar (paper or electronic) in 15 or 30 minute chunks of time - even if the scheduled date is six months or up to a year away.

   The theory is that if you aren’t willing to set aside a dedicated block of time to do or start, the task, then there is no point it being on your list of things to do.  Schedule it and do it, or delegate it or dump it.

   I know in the past when I’ve discussed with different people about to-dos and unfinished tasks a frequent comment I’ve heard is that the items have to be on the list because they have to be completed.

   Really???  How long have some of those items been on your list?  I bet it is more than a handful of days and weeks.

   If an item or task has to be done, guess what, it will get done whether it is on a list or not.

   Truthfully, how long have you really been putting off those tasks that you just transfer from one to-do list to another to another to another...? 

   This spring, why not clean out your to-do list by dumping those tasks that you know will never get done because you really don’t want to do them - otherwise you’d have done them already.

   This will lighten your life, and ultimately your overall schedule, as it lightens your mind, body and spirit and gives you more energy.


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