Friday, 4 September 2015

September 4, 2015 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings
   It’s back to school time for a number of children, young adults, and adults.  While my sister and I said the best year was the first year we DIDN’T have to go back to school, this year we are aware of it again as my niece enters kindergarten this fall.

   Even if you are not a student in the formal sense, back to school time is a great time to learn something new.

   There are so many options for learning now besides taking an actual class.  You can watch how-to videos or ask someone you know to teach you how to do what they do.  You can read books or take free university courses online.   You can learn at your own pace and your own time, you don’t have to be tied to a classroom.

   With the countless resources available, there is no excuse not to follow your dream and learn something new.

   The possibilities are endless.

   Besides learning something new, the process of learning keeps us mentally young and our brains agile.  People who continue to learn new things are generally healthier and more balanced.

   As well, learning something new broadens your world view and makes you more accepting of what is around you, and what happens to you.

   Learning something new can be life-changing on so many levels, as the results can lead to avenues you never considered before.

   Perhaps your new training can enhance your current employment and lead to a raise or promotion.  Or, your new skill could lead you to a change of career.  Maybe you can help teach others what you are learning.  Or, you could learn something that will provide you with more enjoyment and relaxation in your life.

   Even if you have no plans beyond the learning process, doors can open for you with new training and skills.  Doors that you never noticed before because you weren’t ready for them.

   What have you always wanted to learn more about?  What skill have you desired to master?  


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